You can not sign up or do employee paperwork until your prints have cleared. Allow two weeks for print processing.

The State Department of Education uses Fieldprint Inc. as the vendor for fingerprinting. All applicants must now register for both a State of Alabama AIM account and a Fieldprint account to be fingerprinted at a Fieldprint location. The closest locations are Sportees in Hamilton, the UPS store in Jasper, and Amity Insurance in Russellville. You must register and pay before arriving at the print location or they will not take your prints. Please follow the instructions below:

STEP 1 - Register for an AIM account

Wait at least 30 minutes after Step 1 before proceeding to Step 2.

STEP 2 - Register for a Fieldprint account

STEP 3 - Complete the substitute license application

STEP 4 - Pay the substitute license fee (debit, credit, PayPal)

Print your receipt.

After your fingerprints have cleared, you can report to the central office on the designated substitute sign-up day. You must bring the following:

  1. Original social security card

  2. Drivers license

  3. Bank deposit slip or routing/account number

  4. Completed Substitute License Application (Step 3)

  5. Printed receipt (Step 4)

For more information about substitute positions, please contact Tammy Danley (