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FY2021 Budget Hearing Information Page




new flashing signMay Financial Statements (unaudited)

April Financial Statements (unaudited)

March Financial Statements (unaudited)

February Financial Statements (unaudited)

January Financial Statements (unaudited)

December Financial Statements (unaudited)

November Financial Statements (unaudited)

October Financial Statements (unaudited)

new flashing sign May and June Accts Payable Checks

April 2020 Accts Payable Checks

March 2020 Accts Payable Checks

February 2020 Accts Payable Checks

January 2020 FY20 Accts Payable Checks

December 2019 FY20 Accts Payable Checks

October 2019 and November 2019 FY20 Accts Payable Checks

FY2020 Budget Hearing Information Page



flashing New  FY19 Audit (audit in process)

flashing New SDE Approved FY19 Financial Statements (audit in process)

flashing New FY19 Accounts Payable Checks Issued

SDE Approved FY19 Original Budget

FY2019 Capital Outlay Plan

FY2019 Budget Hearing Information Page


flashing New  FY18 Audit

SDE Approved FY18 Financial Statements 

Approved FY18 Original Budget

FY18 Entire Year AP checks from Oct 2017 thru September 2018

FY18 Capital Outlay Plan

FY2018 Budget Hearing Information Page



FY17 Audit

FY2017 SDE approved Financial Statements (Unaudited)

FY17 SDE approved Amended Budget

FY2017 Budget Hearing Information Page

FY2017 Approved Original Budget



FY16 Audit 

FY2016 Final Financial Statements - SEPTEMBER 30, 2016 -Unaudited(.pdf file)

FY2016 Approved Amended Budget (.pdf file)

FY2016 Approved Original Budget (.pdf file)

FY2016 Budget Hearing Information Page

FY2016  AP checks to all vendors  10/01/15 thru 09/30/16 (.pdf)



  FY2015 Audit Report (.pdf file)

FY2015 Budget Hearing Information Page

FY2015 Approved Amended Budget (.pdf file)

FY2015 Approved Original Budget (.pdf file)




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